Cathleen McCarron

Photography © Candice Stafford

Roger Davidson


Cathleen is a versatile character actress with 15 years of professional acting experience. She has performed across a wide range of media and genres and has relished it all: from TIE tours to Hollywood films, from physical theatre to Shakespearean drama, from popular television drama to afternoon radio play. She has played junkies, witches, grieving mothers, accident-prone adventure tour guides, lovers, aristocrats, speech therapists and suicides. She has also recorded around 40 audiobooks, utilising a wide range of accents and vocal characterisations. As an actress she seeks always to fully commit, both physically and emotionally, to the part, to be truthfully connected both to the words and to other actors. Cathleen is also a professional voice and text coach (RSC, National Theatre, Central School of Speech & Drama) and uses her own acting experience to help enable others to release their imaginative and emotional inner life through voice and language. For more information about Cathleen please visit

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