Mark Lewis

Photography © Bee Gilbert

Roger Davidson


Mark has been an actor for forty years. After training at The Central School he was associated for more than twenty years with the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow playing lead parts in many British and European Classical Plays from Shakespeare to Schiller, Goethe to Goldoni, Wilde to Webster, Beaumarchais to Buckner and just about everything in between. He has also worked in other companies including the National Theatre, The Royal Exchange and The National Theatre of Wales. He has guested in many TV series and a few films. His background is Welsh-Italian but you’d never know unless you made him laugh, or cry, or angry, or drunk, or made him dance (good) or sing (bad). He is also a published poet and short story writer, and has written three screenplays and a couple of TV series, but the last two, though commissioned, never went into production, damn their eyes!

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